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As a unified company, SRTime sp. j. Pawłowski & Jelonek was formed in May 2004 through a merger of “SRTime” (established 2002) and “Usługi Informatyczne i Konstrukcyjne” – IT and Construction Services (established 1996). We have been present on the market for nearly 20 years. From the very beginning, we were combining the interest in modern technology in electronics and telecommunications with their practical use. This is how, from a combination of experience of both companies, our flagship product came to life:the SRT system.

From the very beginning, we wanted to generate maximum value for our clients. Therefore, we have been searching for solutions that can bring benefits to companies by reducing their costs, both in the working time of their employees and their machinery. Today’s increasingly competitive market challenges business owners and managers in a number of areas. It is the more so in the era of tenders, where often the only selection criterion is the price, because the quality requirements are already high. One cannot help but to produce cheaper, while cheaper production is achievable only with all most important cost-creating factors in check.

We are a technology company which employs specialized engineering staff and service technicians. From the beginning of our activity, we invest in modern production processes and technologies, offering increasingly sophisticated products. That is how we can cope in the difficult and dynamically developing industry of electronics.

Our clients know us as a safe and reliable partner, offering dependable products and reliable after-sales service.

We are pleased to invite you as well to cooperate with us, wishing you a lot of success and further development.

Look into our offer:

SRT fuel consumption control system

Control every drop of fuel in your construction machinery, heavy equipment and corporate vehicle fleet. Our system can reduce fuel consumption by up to 50%!

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Mobile data transmission (GPRS)

Collect and analyse information from your production line, sensors and vending machines in real time. Control the key processes of your business all the time!

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Tailor-made equipment

Do you need to measure specific parameters of your machinery and equipment? We will prepare an information collection system tailored to your needs and to the specifics of your device.

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