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Why customers choose SRTime?

We are not offering a medley of components, but a fully original system, with all of its components under our control. This ensures confidence of operation, quick time of introducing improvements and faultless operation. The entire service staff is located in one place.
As we have created the system by ourselves we are able to fully configure it to your needs, expectations, the specificity of your industry and the type of machinery which you use in your business. There are no limits for us.
Our application provides for an easy and accessible way to analyse the collected information about location, time and fuel consumption. Accessible reports, charts and summaries allow you to respond quickly and make better decisions, aimed at reducing costs.



Change of address

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IT companies are invited to present their bids

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SRT fuel consumption control system

Control every drop of fuel in your construction machinery, heavy equipment and corporate vehicle fleet. Our system can reduce fuel consumption by up to 50%!

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Mobile data transmission (GPRS)

Collect and analyse information from your production line, sensors and vending machines in real time. Control the key processes of your business all the time!

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Tailor-made equipment

Do you need to measure specific parameters of your machinery and equipment? We will prepare an information collection system tailored to your needs and to the specifics of your device.

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